RadioRA 2 Switcch Paddle Question


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I was installing some RadioRA 2 switches the other day and noticed that the paddles were not acting like normal rockers but instead just toggle no matter where on the switch you press them (counter-intuitive to up on down off). I am not the one who is going to program these but was wondering, is the paddle behaviour something that can be changed? Also wondering how you program for double-tap and other advanced functions if they just toggle like that?


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That's how the work.  They don't pivot. 

If it's on, pressing it turns it off.  Holding it while it's on, then releasing it, will invoke a slow-off effect.  Holding it while it's off won't do anything different, it'll come on to the pre-defined value.
Double-tap brings it full on.

There's way to detect holds and double-taps but, honestly, it adds a layer of hidden functionality that ends up being more trouble than it's worth.  Do I double-press this... to get that, but not on this light, only that light...  Since we've gone with Alexa voice integration there's very little need for a lot of past automation trickery.  We do still use keypads and scenes for bringing up multi-light arrangements, but not much else.  

Note, when setting them up you can set a per-dimmer delay for ramp up and ramp off times, along with a delay before starting.  So you can configure a scene on a keypad as, let's say "All Off".  The scene immediately drops some lights to 0% (this helps let the user know the press was received).  While some lights start a quick dimming, or others don't start their dimming for a little while.  I use this for a basement, where 'All Off' immediately douses the main area, starts dimming the light at the bottom of the stairs, but doesn't start dimming the ones on the stairs for 15 seconds.  This way you can hit that button and still have light going up the steps. 

What you can't do in the repeater itself is more complex conditionals like time of day levels.  For that you'd have to depend on an outside automation system.  I've been using Homeseer 3 for this and it's been quite reliable.