Rain gauge counter question.


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Eric, got the rain gauge and Barometer.
Nice stuff, thanks.

Question for anyone on the Rainwise counter that comes with the Rain Gauge.

I have a very crude counter I use to count wire length.
The rain wise counter is much nicer, smaller, runs on a battery, etc.

Does the rainwise counter just need a bounceless switch across it's two contacts to count?

I can convert my wire counter easily with a reed switch and magnet if so.
Got a suggested Mouser part number for the reed switch?
You can use the counter with just a reed switch and a magnet since that is what is in the Rain Gauge. I don't have a Mouser part number available though but any reed switch should work fine.

Thanks Eric,
Just wanted to confirm that it was a simple switch connection.

I saw a small board with a battery in the rain gauge, wasn't sure if it was sending a high low pulse down the wire or what.

I'll browse the Mouser catalog.
Placing a stock order with Mouser today anyway.
The board in the Rain Gauge now is the 1-Wire Counter. It replaces the normal counter display and is what connects the Rain Gauge to the 1-Wire network. The Rain Wise Rain Gauge only comes with a reed switch and a magnet in the gauge before it is converted to 1-Wire.

Nice little counter.
Got it hooked up to my wire measurer.

I have to measure 100 ft off of 1000 ft spools , what a pain.
My previous counter was crude, it had a roller switch and a crude home made radio shack led counter display.

Nice little bonus with the rain gauge. :)