Rain sensors & Elk?


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Does anyone have a rain sensor hooked up to their Elk? Any recommendations on reasonably priced ones? Just have an idea for a project involved the Elk but want to make sure I can have a Zone tell me if its raining or not.
Am about to hook one up for sprinkler control. They should all have a closed/open contact that will trigger any elk input. (The one i took off my old rain bird timer was wires in series with ground from the transformer and normally closed). I think i have this one:


Not a priority for me right now though, because i think it will never rain again in florida based on last two weeks... :)

just checked and ebay has some pretty good deals on various models (several under 20)


Interested in what you eventually chose... My mini-clik (similar to above, but non-hunter-branded) is shot and i need to replace. Lowes has the rainbird tray type where two electrodes protrude into the pan, but i have two concerns with that device...

1) the slider for adjusting the amount of rain is way to loose. I don't see how it would ever stay put.
2) if this operates anything like my moisture meter for wood with also as two probes, than it's 24V requirement might indeed means it needs 24V A/C input to function. I would rather just have a manual switch so i can use a standard elk zone...

I just took apart the mini-clik i had, probably pretty old, but i question it's construction a little (the top pin to hold the disks in line was broken and the disks no longer expand a significant amount (i let them soak in the sink, still would not buy me enough expansion to increase to a 1/2 or 3/4 setting)...

The GRI sensors are probably fine if you want a sensor that indicates if it is raining right now (or in the very recent past). The mini-Clik and some of the other sprinkler sensors are designed to stay "on" for a while after it has stopped raining to somewhat simulate the soil drying out and preventing a sprinkler from running right AFTER a rain.