Rca -> Regular speaker wire converter?


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Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to hook up a speaker with RCA cables to regular speaker wires. I just did my basement and i have a speaker input plug in the wall and it goes behind the dry wall but it's just regular speaker wire (not RCA) and I was wondering if it was possible to cut the RCA jack and hook it up to that wire. If youdon't understand what i mean just ask and i'll draw you up a picture

Not sure that I follow you. Do you have an RCA (female) jack that you want to mount in the wall (plate cover) and connect that to the speaker wires behind the drywall?
As long as both lines are the same level (speaker level) I dont see any problem with that. The problem is when you mix low (amplifier input level) with speaker level.

BTW, I think that a more technically correct term instead of low/high level is low/high impedance. The speaker lines have low impedance (around 8 ohms) while the amplifier/receiver/aux interconnects are high impedance. Here is a diagram of how to convert the speaker (low impedance) output to a high impedance amplifier output.
I suggest the Leviton keystone RCA jacks from Home Depot. You can hook the wires in the wall to the back of these jacks so you have a neat RCA plate to plug the speaker into.

If you decide to cut an RCA cable to make your own adapter just be sure to connect the speaker minus side to the shield and the speaker plus to the center conductor.