RCS Thermostat "Not Enabled"


I just got my new tr-16 from smarthome.com. i will send back the old one when i get this new one working.

i disconnected the old control unit from hvac and elk and replaced it with the new control unit. did the bench test and the hvac seems to be responding to the wall control unit actions.

however i lost control through elk. the expander is enrolled [few re-enrollments], but the thermostat themperature reading displays "Not Enabled".

I installed the old control unit back and everything is working fine, ie i can control the rcs from the elk's keypad.

installed the new - "Not enabled"

anything i should look at?
press the "Prog" key three times folowed by the "fan" key, the top right shows the item number, use the "prog" key to advance it once to menu one, then press the down arrow once to set the value to 0 (zero). then press the fan key to exit setup.

should work after that, if not post back ... :D
That is on serial expander, right? its set to rs485. No doubt about that.
Anything else you might think of?

thank you.

1. you connected the thermostat using the RS-485 screw terminals on the serial expander not the RS-232 right?

2. you set the mode on the serial expander to S5 = 1, S6 = 0, S7 = 0, S8 = 1, right?

gotta get a little more info ...
The answer to your second question is yes - the s5-s8 are identical to what you mentioned.

And the tr-16 is connected using the RS-485 screw terminals on the serial expander.

The sad thing is that I have 2 tr-16s. The first one [old] communicates very well with elk but has previous schedule entries running and i have no idea how to clear it.

the other tr-16 [new] does not communicate with elk, but does not have any schedule programmed.

I can swap [connect / disconnect] these 2 units with my eyes closed so wiring is not an issue.

there must be some addressing conflict or something like that.