RCS TR-40 Message Display?


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Does the M1XSP currently support sending messages to the TR-40 Wall Display Unit? Or just temperature control and reporting?

Does anyone else take advantage of the message display on their TR-40? How do you use it?

The M1 does not support sending messages to the TR40, but it is a good idea!

Squeaky wheels get the grease!!!
I'm doing that with my homemade RCS thermostat adnet module for the Ocelot. The module emulates a slave Leopard and a serial bobcat. Sending a command to the "serial bobcat" sends a text message (including an optional embedded formatted variable) to the thermostat.
Speaking of Thermostats

I am planing on Using 2 RCS TR40-485 for 2 seperate HVAC Systems
and then 2 RCS TS40 contected to a RCS ZCV2 connected to a zoned boiler.

When I am done I will have 2 RCS TR40-485, 4 TS40 and 2 ZCV2 connected to a single M1XSP

And then at an extention of the system located in another house have another M1XSP connected to a TR40-485

Does any one see any issues with this configuration? The bigest thing I see is that with running 2 houses off a single controller I may eat up the total allowed M1XSP that I can hook up with a single system. I still have a posiblity of needing to add 3 more M1XSP for ELAN integration, UPB controller and a Wireless antena for key chain panic buttons. That only leaves me with 2 more I can add.

Are there any other options to get more com ports on a single M1 Gold controller?


Thanks for the note back. I'm very interested in two M1 items:

Messages to the TR-40
Insteon Support

Please consider me a squeak in any wheels you may have. But, since you guys always look after me (ie: W800 support) I'm always more than willing to help you guys out with anything I can offer (testing, basis opinions, feedback, reviews, reference, etc.).

Our plans are to increase the M1XSP's to 16 in an upcoming software release, also increase the Rules to 800 from 528.
Does it make sense to have dual or quad XSP's so you can have multiple serial ports in 1 box with only 1 connection to the bus?
Spanky said:
Our plans are to increase the M1XSP's to 16 in an upcoming software release, also increase the Rules to 800 from 528.
You know, every time I start gettinf concerned with a issue that I maybe have do to something, you guys give me the answer I want to hear. I AM REALY LOVIN ELK!
Our plans are to increase the M1XSP's to 16 in an upcoming software release, also increase the Rules to 800 from 528.
Ok, I am kind of surprised that this great news didn't generate more of a buzz. Maybe most folks missed it. Let me just say thanks to the folks at Elk for adding these features. I can't remember all of the details, but I kind of thought it was funny that during a Friday night chat someone asked who had used up most of the space for rules, and it was mentioned that a install for a Doctor had around 800 or so rules.

See Toymaster458 “Speaking of Thermostats Aboveâ€.

Similar to him I plan to have 2 HVAC units controlled by my Elk M1G. Unit one’s (not zoned) thermostat will be an RCS TR40, while unit two (3 zones - ZCV4 zone controller) and will have 3 TS16 thermostats.

1)From reading the posts I know that one (1) M1XSP will allow me to connect the TR40 to the Elk. But, will it also allow me to tie the ZCV4 zone controller of the second unit as well? If so, will I be able to see temperature in all zones?

2)RCS makes an outdoor temp and spa temp sensor that can tie into the TR40. Will the elk be able to see these temps also?

3)What is the “best†way to get these two additional temps? Use the RCS sensors, or use the Elk items ( ELK-M1ZTS or M1ZTRS)?

4)Does Elk now have the ability to send messages to the TR40 display (hey some time has passed, so I figured I would ask).
I thought I would give Smarty's message a bump because I have a question along the same line.

I plan on using the M1 to replace a Unity Home Manager System. Currently the owner has this hooked up direct to 2 HVAC units with 5 Dampers and 4 Temp sensors. The Unity is currently controlling the zones. What options do I have to get the Elk working with HVAC Zone Control.
Currently the M1 does not send messages to the TR40.

I would let the Thermostat zone controllers control the dampers. If you have any problems with your HVAC system, the good folks at RCS will be able to trouble shoot the system with you.

Either choice of the M1ZTS or a thermostat will give you additional temperature data to work with.
Will the RCS ZCV work with the M1XSP or do I have to install a standard zone controller then use a TR14 or a TR40 to connect to the M1XSP?