RCS TR16 or TR40?


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What are the big differences between the TR16 and TR40 thermostats from RCS?

I want to use an RCS unit as it will leverage (retrofit) the existing cabling to my manual thermostat right now, and can be directly controlled by the M1. I only have a single regular natural gas furnace and no A/C today (but maybe next summer).

Any other hot recomentations? I like the Aprilaire unit but can't justify the extra $$ for the protocol converter. Besides it doesn't retrofit as nicely for me.

Main difference, I think, it the looks and size of the display. With the TR40, you can also display more information than the TR16.
The TR-40 has a graphical display and thus displays the current temperature with large digits, with other information such as the outside temperature in smaller text. You can also set up things like the setback schedule easily using the screen and softkeys. The TR-40 also supports receiving text messages over the RS-485 link, and will light up a "message" LED if there are any new (unread) messages, and you can scroll back through them.