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Hello again.  Been years since I have been to this forum and it thinks this is my first post. That's ok.  I have a large Elk-m1 installation that has been almost rock solid since 2007ish. Except for 2 lighting strikes (= 3 mother boards). 
Now I am starting a new adventure.  New home with a equally large or larger HAI OPII installation.  So I'm back looking for help... 


Welcome back to Cocoontech @jack1747.
There are plenty of folks here (including myself) which are still using the OmnPro 2 panel.  
Curious what type of lighting switches are you going to utilize in your new adventure.


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Thanks Pete...  I don't know the type of switches.  All I know at this point is they have blue lights on them.. And I found the Master Code written down in a manual.. I got PC Access to the point that it is trying to connect but I have a network issue.  Can't ping the opii.