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What is a Group Buy?
Group buys allow members to purchase home automation, home security or home theater hardware at a lower than normal price. This is not a typical 'sale', as there will be certain requirements such as quantity and an 'order by' date, and the savings will be more significant.

For more information about the group buy, check out the information posted with the Group Buy, as this information will vary per offer.

What if the requirements have not been met?
It will be up to the Vendor/Manufacture to decide to go ahead or cancel the group buy. The Vendor/Manufacture may also decide to extend the deadline for a small period of time. Always assume that if the requirements have not been met, that the group buy will be canceled.

Who can participate in a Group Buy?
Only registered members will be allowed to participate.

Who can offer a Group Buy?
In order to protect everyone, there are a few rules to keep in mind.  Not following these will shut down the group buy instantly.
  • You need to contact Dan (electron) before posting (via PM or e-mail, [email protected]).
  • Only active members are allowed to start a group buy.
  • If you are a vendor/manufacturer, you need to be identified as such.
  • The Group Buy has to offer some sort of significant savings, or it will not be approved.
  • The product must already exist and be for sale.
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