Really need advice - Sad 220v limitations :(

hi Guys

I thought i could do this w/o asking forums.. but now I need your advise...

I'm a webapplications programmer (PHP, JS, MYSQL priamrily) .. I wanted to get into this home automation thing, and I wanted to develop my own software (more of a GUI) ..

I've been reading and learning a lot about home automation for the past weeks .. and I have gained so much knowledge and awareness in this field... I then started finalizing my plan to AUTOMATE my apartment the best way that fits "me" and what i want to do (it's not a question of "what's the best....")

Some of the important things i've learned that helped me plan my deployment:

- x10's are legacy, so out the window w/ that.
- zwave is best to go by, where zigbee is too proprietary
- Centralization is NOT A STANDARD to go by if one wants to have as much options as one could possibly have.. so long as one is ok w/ a few work arounds and customizations ..
- Battery Powered is OK as long as you the batteries don't need replacing every week or so (Months to a year of battery replacing are fine for the convinience of not having to hardwire power to devices such as, doorbells, door cams, temp/humidity sensors, etc)
- etc..

Alright, so learning all that here's an overview of my plan...

1) CONTROL all lights and Appliances
2) Have dimmer capability on all lights
3) Have POWER MONITORING on EACH devices or for EACH area/room, or at very least for the whole apartment.
4) Have MOTION-TRIGGERS for bathroom lights
5) Have HEAT sensors around the kitchen (early FIRE notice)
6) Have water sensor for bathroom (incase i leave the water running / overflowing..
7) Have the ability to PROGRAM my own Software / GUI so that i can fully customize things.. the only thing i need is an API to SEND command to the devices or the gateway/controller .. as well as, RECEIVE status from them as well (I noticed a lot of automation devices specially the POWER LINES can only RECEIVE data, not send (no way for software to tell if it is ON or OFF) .. API must be JSON (preferred) or XML.. or some other form that my PHP/Javascript can work with.

So the simple plan was..

1) GO w/ ZWAVE devices and replace all power sources all over the Apartment w/ zwave outlets and switches

2) Use a Controller module w/ JSON type API (easier for me to Code w/ javascripting and php)

3) Use a low power NETBOOK as my server so that it's small, easy to store away, and has built in power via its batteries (2hrs or more)


I was excited w/ my plan UNTIL I LEARNED THAT most zwave power devices (if not all) are 110v only!!! :( looking for alternatives i realized that even insteon and other smarthome devices are more for 110v and while they offer some 220v options these are limtted (like the insteon dimmer switch for 220v )

I live in the Philippines (220v @ 60hz) .. NO NEUTRAL connections.. :(  <-- CORRECTION (We do have NEUTRAL but NO GROUND)
all my plans went down the drain and i can't seem to find form myself a "standard" set of devices to go w/ my plan.. i really wanted zwave :(

So now I finally throw in the towel and ask for help on forums such as this. :(

Given the goals i wanted to acheive above, what would you guys suggest?

SOME OF THE SOLUTIONS i was looking at are:

a) FIND a set of devices that can work with my environment (easiest/simple solution)

B) FIND ZWAVE Chips or something that i can "manually hard wire" to each of my switch/outlet , thinking that the 110v/220v limitations of these devices are just in the actual prongs, and that the actual "transmitters" dont really run on 110v (overkill) and are actually requiring 12v only or something.. i just basically need that "WIRELESS TRIGGER/LOGIC" part of zwave devices, not the whole shebang.. i can have an electronic engineer friend of mine "add ZWAVE intelligence" to existing power outlets and switches

c) Similar to above, i could go ahead and BUY zwave devices, and HACK each of them to support 220v (can this even be done? )

d) Noticing that MOST appliances nowadays are 100v-230v rating automatically, I thought of having to setup my whole apartment w/ a STEP DOWN transformer except for a few lines w/c really require 220v (1 line to the kitchen for Fridges and stuff, and 1 line to the AC units.

But this solution would require rewiring on the mains.. something I didnt want to get into.

Would really love to hear from you guys, experts, enthusiasts, or just plain smart people..