Really smart bird

That bird is smarter than most people I work with

And now you know why birds like that and open mics to HA systems are a no-no! hehehe I'm surprised she didn't say anything about a telephone (ring) Hello? Three of my birds do that trick!
What kind of birds, G?

I baby sat two blue parakeets once... never again :p

man, they would raise cain at the crack of dawn (and the cage was covered)!
Moreless, they were not "hand-raised".... mean little suckers :p
Tree, I have 5, all for sale. A blue and gold macaw, a military macaw, a Hahn's mini-macaw, a blue-fronted Amazon, and a sun conure. And yes, when they all get going they are more than enough to drive you nuts, let alone any open-mic VR HA system! But they all have their own personality, too.