Reccommendations for model home show room?

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We are a Proficient speaker dealer. So pretty sure using them for speakers. Any comments however?

As far as the electronics, what do you recommend for the amp? Tryin to keep cost down. Looking at a multichannel Denon AVR-3808CI? We, at this point, are only installing the backbone for home theater and sometimes speakers. Equipment may follow. Any suggestions on what to use?

The model home will be a permanent showroom. It will have a dedicated home theater. We will be able to showcase all home automation we offer including Somfy, On-q, camera;s and all the usual bells and whistles.

Open to any comments and suggestions.

edit: The home is two story about 1900 square feet. Pretty exciting.

I doubt we actually use proficient for the home theater, but will for the whole house audio. open to suggestions on home theater speakers as well.

side note: anyone know what it takes to work with some of the home theater manufacturers? I doubt denon will allow us to be a dealer or even offer some type of demo product. others may?
how many zones, how many rooms per zone?

If I wuz a builder, i'd split the home into two parts: One with products that I knew I could easily & predictably put in, and one with the "advanced" stuff that could be doable in the future. That way you show folks you have an eye and a hand on the future, but the rest of the house is what you'd actually offer them at this time.
ivb thanks for that input. kinds what we are doing. the "simple" stuff will be easily viewable and the more advanced stuff will require a little presentation. it will be easy to weed out early on who will be wasting our time and who warrants the special presentations.

OK. Acoustiblok? anyone had any success?
Met with them in Denver. Impressive demo. From what i can tell its not REAL cheap and is a booger to install. was set to just about sign up for dealership but after further investigation, got to lookin at the STC (some sort of db reduction rating) and its a 32. I think that means it blocks or lowers the sound 32 db. In our complex where our model home is (its a new "engery efficient building center") there is a Polysteel installer/dealer that also has that blow in foam insulation (you know, the one that sprays on real then, expands, then is shaved) and its rating was an assounding 56 STC. Now I am thinking that might be a better sound insulatoin that the acousitcblok? Anyone have any input?

I wll post more questions in other posts below.

ps. papers are signed and we indeed have our new model home/showroom. Time to make some major decisions.
#1 Home Theater. Whats yalls take on Integra? My understanding its Onkyo's custom installers line. I have also been told my a fine member here that it may take a substantial investment to become a dealer. Regardless, there may be opportunities with other dealers to "partner" and be able to offer something. My real question is any input on the DTR-7.8 ?

For NOW, we really dont want to install anything TOO high end as our smaller markets really dont warrant showing off a home theater that is overpriced for our customers. This integra appears to have a street price of $1300 or so, so it reasonable. At some point in the future we may add a little higher end component based set ups. But thinking this should do it for now. any input?

#2 Regarding the home theater. Here is what I am thinking. I have have one receiver set-up with the option to listen to multilple solutions. I.e., "here is speaker selection A:,,,,,", then build a set up whereby I can hit a button or a few to move to surround set up "B". I think this can be done by taking the outputs from the receiver/amp then going to a speaker selector that than then go to front speakers A, B, C or whatever. Of course the downside is the home theater room is relatively small, 14, x17 so getting the "best" speaker location for each set up will be a bit tricky, but for demo purposes i am confident it can be accomplished. The question really is what manufactures would be recommended for the speaker selection set up. Sure automating that config is desireable but for now, push buttons are fine as the effort for automation will really be focused on what can be actually set up in a clients home.

#3 While its recognized margins suck for the TV side, we still need to make a decision on WHAT display to actually use in the demo theater room. We may or may not offer the TV but thats not the point. The concern is WHAT tv to use to demo. Of course the appropriate "size" will be determined based on the physical perameters of the room, seating, etc. We have all read lcd vs dlp vs plasma till we are blue. Its likely lcd is ruled out as the main screen due to limitation size. Quess I am just sorta looking for input on manuf or type. I know is VERY subjective to personal taste, use, etc, but thought i would look for input anyways.

we will be wiring the rear of the theater for FUTURE, possible projection system, but for now an impressive flat screen will fit the bill.

#4 bustin my butt to find a floorplan to the Cedia denver show. Why? There was a furniture manufacture that was just to the left of the on-q booth that will fit our market. not real high and, nice looking, comfortable but most importanly affordable for our market. we have no heard back from them (not a good sign of customer service, i know, LOL). and i sure as heck cant find the info we picked up there, so now I am playing search and find to figure out who they were. Open to other suggestion on seating manufacturers that deal well with installers and NOT high end. Seating will be 2 in front, 3 in back.

Meeting with Russound next week. Met with Somfy this week, thats set to go and getting pricing now on that for the model. Proficient, On-Q already set.

may look at parasound as we grow and find higher end markets. opinions welcome on that as well.

this sure is alot of fun. work to but hopefully in the end will be worth it.
Hey Tuck, Sounds really exciting. A few "words of wisdom". Please consider the source and weigh carefully...

1. I would advise you to stick with the plan of Proficient for DA purposes but, certainly look at a "step up" line of speakers for HT. The Pro.Audio line is capable but probably not ideal for higher performance rooms. This way you can always sell down to Pro.Audio for HT if a better, and consequently more expensive, speaker option is rejected. Never attempt to start with a lower end product and then sell up. You will lose EVERY time. There are literally countless options available for speakers (both direct and via distribution). I moved from KEF XQ's and Atlantic Tecnologies to Totem Acoustic approx. a year or two ago. I literally could not be happier. If you are looking at a greater number of SKU's than Totem can provide, I would advise you to speak with Snell.

2. I would avoid the Integra line. It's solid and has great control but they sound, like Onkyo, really, really bright. Match an Integra with Klipsch, for example, and you will have created a room that is just this side of un-listenable. Crazy bright and super un-natural. For rcvr's, we sell Marantz or Denon (the 2808CI is a bad a$$ for the $, MSRP of $1200). I've worked with client's Yamaha gear to great success and I've been pleased with the results.

3. Both Parasound's New Classic and Halo lines are phenomenal if you have a "seperates" market. Otherwise stick with A/V receivers. Also, consider ADCOM. British muscle...great gear.

4. If building a demo dedicated theater room, I would strongly advise a front projection setup instead of a television. Also, only show one projector and know it well. The sell down practice applies here in a big way. If you're dead set on a flat panel demo, stick with PDP's (Marantz, NEC, Fujitsu, Pioneer, Panasonic, etc.). Plasma simply beats the pants off of either DLP (don't get me wrong, I own one) or LCD in a light controlled environment. Don't forget to calibrate it...

4. If you're wanting to A/B speaker types, consider an in wall vs. a floorstanding demo. That way you can show different options that work well in different environments and point out the performance differences between the two. Plus, it's easy to logistically work arond as they won't be in each other's way.

5. Pick a remote control company (URC, RTI or Pronto and Convergent Living's Muse for the higher end), learn it very well and SELL it. The remote is easily the most overlooked yet critical piece of gear in a theater.

I hope this helps a bit...