Recommendation for touchscreen that I can switch backlight on and off remotely

Hi, I am using Kindles mounted around the house - working well. I am using Tasker to control them remotely. However in the Master Bedroom I can dim down to 0 at sleep time but this leaves the backlight on - flooding the room in light all night.  

I would like to send a command to the touchscreen to turn off the backlight at sleep time and then back on at dawn. My Kindles are not rooted - I can shut them off, but when I wake them up in the morning they show the swipe up screen.

So I am on the hunt for a touchscreen in this one location where I can turn it off at sleep and back on at dawn and have it go straight into my HA screen.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.


Windows tablet. Buy a dual boot Android and Windows 10 tablet and run HS touch on both and see for yourself.
First testing here was using a PipoX7 dual booting it and connecting to a 15" wide screen multitouch monitor.  
The PiPo X7 has a Windows 10 tablet OS built in.
Here using custom tabletops running XPe HSTouch HS Speaker MS SAPI that do fine and can be totally remote controlled by Homeseer.

The tabletops do not look like a smart phone interface and Windows XP doesn't need to be rooted.

Even old Windows 6.0 CE with MS SAPI touchscreens continue to work with Homeseer Touch just fine.