Recommendations for outside temp sensor placement


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Are there any recommended installation methods for the temperature sensor when using it in an outdoor location?

It mentions using a weatherproof box or using the 7 foot sensor. Any pro's/con's to either way when dealing with freezing temperatures/rain/etc? Is there a recommended enclosure if that is the way to go?
I have a 2' overhang on my house. I mounted the sensor on the overhang, about 18" back from the outer edge. It never gets wet, but humidity may be a problem at some point.
The best mounting location in out away from the house in a temp pagoda. I made one of these out of 6 plastic bowls from walmart and some thread all and clear rubber hose spacers. It's been up for 5 years now. You can house your temp sensor as well as your humidity sensor in the pagoda.


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I've seen Rupp's pic's before, and I was going to suggest you go looking for them on the HS board... ;)

That is THE best way short of an electrically aspirated pagoda.
Rupp, maybe you could throw together a BSR style How-To. While it is not very technical, it would save us from having to reinvent the wheel so-to-speak.
I wish I'd had my camera at the time but in a nut shell it's 6 plastic bowls I bought from Walmart which I sanded and painted bright white (for reflection). I used thread-all (those bolts that are all threads from one end to the other). I drilled 2" holes in all the bowls except the top and bottom one. Then I drilled 3 holes through all bowls equal distance apart. I inserted 3 pieces of thread-all into the top bowl and put a nuts on top. Then I cut plastic tubing (I bought from Home Depot that would just fit around the thread-all. It was clear tubing) about an inch to inch and 1/4 long as spacers for the bowls. I cut 15 of these spacers and placed 3 of them on the 3 thread-all bolts. I then proceeded to add bowls and spacers. The bottom bowl I cut a hole and mounted the PVC as shown as a mount. I ran the cat5 through this PVC pipe about half way up the pagoda. The cat5 has a humidity sensor and temp sensor "hanging" in the middle of the bowls. I used a fine wire to hold the cat5 in the center of the holes in the bows.
I hope this makes sense. If you guys have any questions just ask. If I ever take it down for repainting I'll get some pictures.
Hmm. Would a demarc box or one of these:

with some holes drilled in the bottom and sides (perhaps angled down from the inside) work?

Is it the kind of thing I can just install underneath a deck? That would be an option for me, I'm just not clear on what kind of abuse they take.

I don't think the wife would go for the pagoda, then again if I follow IVB's approach....