Recommendations for wired alarm with 2 partitions?


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Thinking of replacing a wired alarm system with 2 partitions. First partition has 16 zones. Second partition has 8. Have an alula for monitoring the system that would be replaced. Some sort of simple HA interface (reporting events) would be a plus but not required. Would be replacing a Caddx NX8E.

Mark S.

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Pretty much any alarm system can do 2 partitions. Regarding HA features, I think ELK M1G and DSC lead the pack. I am a fan of the ELK - very feature rich.


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Does ELK still sell the ELK M1EZ8? May be another option if they do. Not as flexible as the M1G, but still did the job really well back when I had one.


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I've been looking on and off for years trying to find the right replacement for my UltraSync. Since I have a fairly expensive Loxone for automation I want to avoid Elk. I like what I see in the Bosch B Series. Hoping to get to that project this fall.