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Recommendations on a new external DVD writer.


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I want to get a new external DVD writer and was looking for suggestions. TIA


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I'm partial to using internal Lite-On drives [1] and putting them in external enclosures myself. Currently, the only burner I have is internal (I gave away a CD burner that was running externally when I put the internal DVD burner in).

Here's what I'd do (both from Newegg):

External enclosure:
BYTECC 5.25" USB 2.0 External Enclosure
There are plenty of other external enclosures out there. I've used different size BYTECC enclosures (or the same enclosure with other brand names) for a while now and not had any problems. I'm not terribly thrilled with the way they are assembled (they're a bit of a pain to put together and take apart) but I've never had any problems. They are available with USB 2.0, firewire, SATA, or combinations of the above. I have an external DVD drive (not burner) in a combination USB2.0/firewire enclosure that works well.

Lite-On 16X DVD Dual Drive

I sort-of picked a random Lite-On drive. It's up to you to determine what speed you want. My current drive is 8X for DVD+R and DVD-R (single layer) .

[1] I basically only buy and recommend Lite-On optical drives these days. There are plenty of other good drives out there, but I've never had a bad experience with a Lite-On.


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I got mine from E-bay it basically its a IDE to USB 2.0 convert that houses an internal IDE DVD burner.

I think this is the cheapest way to go. The IDE to USB 2.0 converter can be found for less than $30 each if you goto www.froogle.com and the drives are cheap now also. About $100 or so. I got mine as an all in one deal and it included a LG Burner. It came with good software but i have lost the software and canot find a replacement for it online.

I would not recomend getting an LG simply because their lacking in technical support. But i have not had any problems with it other than the fact that i cant find the software that come with it. I would check to see who offers the easiest and best customer and technical support.


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Rupp, external as in for a PC or a set-top-box for using with TV? If it's a STB, I'd say holkd off for a while, they're as buggy as heck.

For PC-based, I like Squintz's recommendation. Just make sure your PC has good USB2.0. I recently had problems using an external USB2.0 HDD due to problems with the USB on my MoBo. A BIOS upgrade has sine fixed it, though.