Recommended learning sites?


Ok, I've just started down the slippery slope into home automation. It's kind of like drinking from a firehose methinks. X10, Insteon, UPB, Z-wave, etc...... Is there a recommended site or sites where I can go to learn about how to do all this stuff? I hate asking elementary questions on a board that appears to be largely experienced folks. Thanks much,
This would be the place to ask, don't let the massive amounts of information overwhelm you. If you have a specific question, try the search function, if you can't find your answer that way, then definitely post it so we can help you, no matter how simple the question might be. There is always someone out there who is dealing with a similar issue, so all questions are helpful.
As a newbie and learner myself, I can tell ya, this is the place. These Cocooners are great, and patient! Be careful, it is addictive.
Sorry, we stopped answering basic questions for free yesterday. Now only dumb looks are free but intelligent answers will cost ya. Seriously, like electron said, try search first and then post. With all due respect and honesty, the only thing that gets frustrating sometimes is answering the same exact question over and over when it has been answered a dozen times already. There is a ton of info here, so just do your due diligence trying search first and if you do and can't find your answer, then feel free to post. I know when I started are literally spend dozens of hours just searching and reading, you will probably find about 75% of all basic questions answered already in various forms. With all that said, many of us started at one point as newbs and there is no such thing as a dumb question so don't feel bad asking anything, regardless of how newbish you think it is. You really won't find even 10 sites that have as much combined knowledge as you will here. The only other sites you will need are your resellers like AO and manufacturer support sites for products you choose.
And once you have decided on what you want to buy you can get overwhelmed with the number of home automation retailer sites online. I can save you a lot of time and searching by suggesting the Automated Outlet site ( Most everyone here has independently concluded this is one of, if not the best site for purchasing your stuff. Excellent prices, quick service, Cocoontech specials, and very helpful staff.
Thanks folks for the inputs. I'll continue to read and learn here. I'm a firm believer in Search so I will try not to post something that's already been answered!