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Recommended sites for tuning Motion program?


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Recently put Motion on a Pi and it is working ok but want to improve motion detection.  Any recommendations for sites that have good info on tuning?   Found a number of them that have basic information on various settings but not a really good site with suggestions for tuning.
For example, I have a number of captures of nothing.  Probably from trees moving, lighting changes (it's outside), or movement in areas outside of my interest.  Also missing a few events where it should be seeing lots of change.  So it appears I have several options to improve this:
There are several options such as despeckle and noise that I need to find more info on.
I set minimum_motion_frames to 3 to decrease false positives - it just seemed like a reasonable number....
A mask image to ignore the neighbors area, street, etc.  This looks much better than the coarse 9 areas predefined.  This is pretty simple and well covered.
Lighting changes can apparently be (somewhat) dealt with by using 'lightswitch' in motion.conf.  Non-zero values up to 100.  I haven't found anything on suggested values to use.
Framerate vs sensitivity.  It seems like a faster frame rate would decrease sensitivity as the changes would be less frame to frame.  I set up a frame rate of 10/second so I could get a good center of motion capture.  When a car comes in the drive it is typically about twice the sensitivity threshold.  But it also misses some cars - how do I figure out what is happening?  I considered using a very low threshold to get more data to try to figure this out.
Selecting the box around motion option seems like a good way to figure out what is causing unwanted captures.  I haven't tried this yet but will.
Overall I am impressed at how well this works and it was pretty easy to get a basic setup running.