Recommended Wired Motion and Glass Break Sensors


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Years ago the Visonic Glasstech (0-1905-0) Glassbreak detector and the Bosch Blue Line Gen 2 Tritech (i.e. ISC-BDL2-WP12G) were well recommended sensors.

I installed them in my house and they have been working well.

I am now undergoing construction for an addition to my home and wanted to check to see if they are the still recommend or if something is better. I have a Elk M1 system with the 2 Way wireless and the Honeywell 5800 wireless sensors. However, I have the ability to hardware everything and would prefer to do so unless the wireless sensors are that much better.

The Glasstech sensors appear to be discontinued, but I might be able to find them still.
I have been using the the Bosch ISC-BDL2-W12G Blue Line Gen2 motion detectors for the past few years. I can recommend them.
As always, proper location is also very important (don't point at windows that get sun, try to mount in corners).
I agree with the Bosch Blue Line as I have used those for years.

FYI, Visonic has a new glass break detector which looks intriguing.


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