Recommended Wireless Controller for HAI Omni Pro II


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I have an HAI Omni Pro II that has been running flawlessly for last 4yrs. I have a need to add some wireless sensors to the system but would like all the sensors to be controlled by the HAI so everything is centralized.
I found 2 part #s 42A00-1 and 42A00-2 but I was wondering if there are any 3rd party controllers that are supported so I don't have to buy discontinued products.
Was wondering what some of you are using in this situation. Thanks.
I have both and added the GE - Interlogix controller (3rd party) to my OmniPro 2 many years ago.  It worked fine.
I posted here someplace when I installed it....
That and do not still do wireless with my OmniPro 2 panel.
I'd pick 42A00-1, which is what I have.  Its the open "GE" standard with lots of cheap sensors available, and batteries last 10+ years. 
Thanks guys for the feedback. The 42A00-1 is the one I was leaning towards because I can find some of the sensors. The main problem is locating a 42A00-1. I was hoping there was another alternative out there that is for sale. I haven't been able to locate one on any of the home automation sites.
Do you guys know where these units can still be purchased?

Can the Omni use any other generic controllers that fit a current standard besides those 2 Leviton Part #s ?
Also, my home is 2 storey + finished basement. My server room is located in basement and just wondering where you would recommend placing the wireless controller? In the manual it says "centralized" but not sure if I should mount it somewhere on main floor and put repeaters on other floors. Any advice would be appreciated.
Can the Omni use any other generic controllers that fit a current standard besides those 2 Leviton Part #s ?
The 42A00-1 is the best of the bunch. There are a number of other wireless transceivers out there but none have anywhere near the number of devices supported.
Even though GE quit the security business, their wireless protocol is somewhat of a standard. New companies that make GE wireless compatible devices include Elk and Alula. This goes along with Caddx and Interlogix. I have used all these companies devices and they work... There is one design flaw I want to mention.... Using GE wireless smoke detectors with HAI results in some weird behavior. I notified HAI a number of times and they never addressed it. When you take a wireless smoke detector off the ceiling, it should generate a "trouble" or "cover/tamper" message. Thats what an Ademco/Honeywell system does. If you take down a GE wireless smoke hooked to the HAI, it goes immediately into fire alarm. So, if you are going to use smokes with it, make sure to always put the system in "test" mode with the monitoring company first or turn the HAI off before taking the smoke detector down to replace batteries. Another oddity is the GE wireless devices have a number of states "Normal, Alarm, Supervision timeout, Cover/Tamper and Low Battery". These messages show up on the small display on the transceiver. They also show up on the PC Access zone status page as a code (where you normally see 128 or 0). However, they are not displayed on the console. All you get there is trouble. If you want what the status bits mean, let me know and I can provide the table....
You can find the old GE-Interlogix wireless controllers (used) on Ebay.

Assumption is that the HAI 42A00-1 was a GE-Interlogix wireless transceiver re-branded to HAI / Leviton.

Here is an examples

**RARE** Interlogix 60-660-01-95R Wireless Receiver - HAI - GE - Leviton

GE Interlogix 55-700-01-E Wireless Receiver Great Condition.
The ITI 60-660-01-95R is an older wireless receiver. It does not use the keypad bus. It instead converts a wireless zone to a hardwire zone. It also needs a zone for trouble and another for low battery. You have to look at the leds on the front to figure out the device with the trouble. I still have these in the field working fine.
The Interlogix 55-700-01-E is not an HAI compatible wireless transceiver to the best of my knowledge. I never saw it in any catalogs or in the field.
It doesn't have the buttons needed to go into setup mode and increment zones and save learned devices. I think that seller is confused.
In addition to the other GE QuickBridge receiver variants out there (that do work with HAI), there is this one:
HAI 12A00 which uses Linear SX, MegaCode and Supervised S1 protocols.
Pop this url in the wayback machine to see details from 1998:

This ebay seller thinks its an RF lighting control.... I doubt it.

Thank you Don. ("Omni Obi-Wan")

I mostly learned about my OmniPro 2 panel here on Cocoontech. Found the post where I installed a CAD8016 quick bridge in a new home build with an OmniPro 2 panel in FL as recommended by @ano in 2010.