Recording custom sounds in the M1G


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I would like to record a custom sound for my doorbell into the M1. I realize the only way is via the phone input. Has anyone come up with creative ways to get good sound out of a PC into the M1 cleanly?

Custom sounds are a great feature, but the phone only input pretty much cripples it in my experience...
Thanks Spanky. I was considering that, but won't I need to use separate speakers or switch them with a relay between the 124 and the M1? It seems like such a complicated route when the functionality is built into the M1.

I was hoping someone had some success using a modem, or line into microphone jack of a phone or something. Or maybe even some way to wire up a line out to the phone jack on the M1...
In looking at the specs for the 124, it looks like it can be powered by the M1. So in trying to connect a 124 to the M1 as simply as possible. Could/Would I:

1.) Connect 124 Power to the VAUX of the M1 + and -
2.) Connect M1 Output 1 to C1 using the Switched Positive, If so do I need to connect Ouput 1 neg to anything?
3.) Connect M1 Ouputs 7-14 to 124 Channels 2-8 as switched positive

How would I program the M1 so as not to lose functionality? I could make C1 sound an alarm, but the M1 would no longer distinguish between Burglar and Fire as it does today...
To get separate burg and fire outputs to the ELK-124:

Write Rules that turn on Output 7 upon Burglar activation and connect to C1 on the 124.
Write Rules that turn on Output 8 upon Fire activation and connect to C2 on the 124.

and so on for other alarms. You have 8 trigger inputs to choose from on the 124.

I would use a double pole, double throw relay and switch between the M1's output 1 and the ELK124 output going to a single set of speakers. You will write Rules to switch the relay when the M1's audio amp becomes active.