Remote Answer on HAI Omni II

I am trying to connect to my Omni II remotely using the telephone. I have pick up after hang up enabled. I also have an answering machine. From what I have read, the Omni is supposed to pick the call after the answering machine hangs up. Unfortunately, after the answering machine hangs up, I just get a dial tone. Are there any settings I might be overlooking?
Not sure how it could pick up after the answering machine is done because once the answering machine hangs up the call is dropped. I think we need a better understanding of how it is supposed to work before we can troubleshoot this.
For those who are interested, I found my answer. The PCAccess code must be different than the Master Code. I had them set the same. When you dial in remotely, hang up after the first ring. Wait atleast 10 seconds but no more than 60 seconds. Call back and you will be prompted with the Omni beep. Type your Master Code and you will hear the main Omni menu. From there, you can manage the system as if you were at home.
OK, it makes sense once you know hoe it is supposed to work! Good to know about the 2 codes needing to be different.
Yeah, the only problem is HAI's documentation is somewhat limited. I could not find any reference to this in the Installation or Owner's manuals.