remote control using mControl


Hi all

I have mcontrol runing on my home pc with z-wave controller for lights and thermostat.

I would like to have access to my mcontrol panel thru internet from remote location (work...etc)
I hope there is a way to do this, but i can't figure it out by myself.
I need someone who can give me a idea how to do this.......


regards !
Have you checked on the mControl forums? That would be your best place to start.

From what I understand you'll need to someone open up your computer via firewall or other application and I think you'll need to you use some sort of dynamic DNS address and I'm guessing your ISP didn't give you a fixed IP address.

That is the basics of it...

#1 DynDNS account to help you find your home LAN while away

#2 Port forward the required ports through your NAT firewall to the mControl server

If mControl wants port 80, you might try forwarding outside port 81 to internal 80. Many ISPs block 80 inbound to residential customers.
I have an mServer running mControl at home and access through the internet is certainly possible. You need to setup port forwarding in your router for several ports. I forget what those ports are but it is in the manual. I think its like 22295-22299 or something like that. Then you will need an account like they mentioned above. I use but others like DynDNS. You will need to look at your routers manual to figure out how to setup port forwarding for that router.

Do you have a router? If not you should get one.