remote-controllable volume selector?


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I have a few rooms that I'm putting into a single zone for music purposes, primarily b/c I'm at the 3zone limit of my 3805 and I don't currently have the $$ to buy a CAV6.6 or the like to add more zones.

I won't always want the sound on in each room in the zone, so I was going to get a volume selector.

Are there remote-controllable volume selectors that use bidirectional protocols? Ideally zWave, as then I can just get a zWave serial/USB interface for the HAPC.

I'm going to be getting an Elk M1, so I suppose any other protocol would do, as I could just plug CQC into that. However, as I don't own the M1 now, that would increase the burden of getting sound to these rooms.


for a quick and dirty you could use a relay to turn off / on a zone that is wired with another zone (not independent sources). Just watch for impedance issues on how you wire it.
I am thinking that you would be better off not using zwave or any similar technologies and instead get a rs232 controllable multi zone such as Xantech/ZPR68-10 or a similar device. They are expensive but it's not my money :D

At this moment I do not think anything is available or going to be available for z-wave as far as volume control. I am sure you could hack something and make your own z-wave volume controller but that would just be a PITA.
BraveSirRobbin said:
Do you want controllable volume, or "just" on and off capabilities for these expanded zones?
My goal was controllable volume, not just relay on/off, so I could use a combo of that h/w and CQC to create additional virtual zones within a physical zone.

I just can't go to my wife and tell her I want a CAV at this point; she just found out about my desire to get a "real" camera security system, and hints about the Elk M1/new security system. I'll get my a$$ kicked for anything else.

It seems I'm stymied there, back to thinking more.
Russound has a new CAA66 line you may want to look into. The controller itself (six source/six zone, 20 watts RMS, serial controlled capable) is under $1K and around $1.3K with the six keypads.

Some details are shown in my Russound CES Review.
If you keep an eye out, you can pick up used ZPBR units at a pretty good price online. Ken uses his with CQC and never has any problems with it.