Replacement for W800RF32

George M

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For many years I have been using a W800RF2 in my automation system. Mainly to receive info from some X10 senders. Well it has finally died (as did the company it would seem) and I need to find a replacement. Can anyone recommend a replacement unit?

George M
RFXcom used to be a popular alternative, and was still sold until recently (but very expensive). If you're using it for just X10-RF, and not DS10A type security devices, MR26A might still do job.

At some point, I was going to build an OpenMQTTGateway instance, and build my own custom receiver (can be done cheaply). Depending on the software you use (or deploy previously-mentioned OMG), you could probably just get a NooElec SDR (~$30), but you would have to dedicate it to this frequency. I believe RTL433 supports it (protocol 22), which is supported via Home Assistant.

In the end, I decided against going this route, and switched to Z-Wave for my door sensors. You just need to look out for good deals if cost is the reason you're sticking with X10.

I may have a W800RF32 somewhere, but can't remember if it still works (most likely does). If you're really want to go that route, I can try to find it, but may not be able to get to it for another week or so.
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Thanks electron,
Actually I am using it for DS10A primarily (int. door open and closing).

I used to be the type of person that always wanted to be on the cutting edge of everything, but in my old age I just want something to work. That is why I have stuck with the W800 and the DS10A. I use them in conjunction with CQC. I do have a Zwave module though so could start to migrate to that if necessary.

If you to find you have an extra W800 I would be interested. Time is not critical.
@George M

Here still using two W800's. I did have one go bad on me then took it apart and by passed the power supply jack and wired directly to the board and its been working since. I use X10 for Christmas decorations and a Palm pad to check out turning them on from the outside.

Been testing conversion of a Sonoff 433Mhz hub to Tasmota with long range wireless 433Mhz PIRs and it works nicely and now same batteries for over a year.

Concurrently using Ring (ZWave) PIRs and contact switches with Ring Alarm system and those are doing well these days.
I highly recommend the Ecolink door sensors. They're one of the cheaper ones, support Z-Wave Plus, killer battery life, and the best part, these have screw terminals so you can hook up your own external sensor (I used one of these to detect if my office chair is in use with a basic pressure sensor).

Last year, Amazon had the tilt version of these sensors on sale for $9/each, so I got a bunch of those as well as they also have the screw terminals (you just have to mount it upside down).