Replacing existing DSC832 with Elk


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Hi, I am starting implementation of some Insteon automation, including lighting, garage door, etc. and I am very interested in adding remote monitoring of home security system. My Insteon is controlled by an ISY994i. I currently have a DSC Power 832 system and this does not appear to interface with the ISY994i without having a separate PC running 24/7. Therefore I am considering replacing the DSC control panel and keypads with an ELK system, which seems to be much more capable in interfacing with the ISY. I have decent DIY skills, but not any security-specific experience.

My question (after thorough searching of several forums) is whether an ELK control panel can be used to replace the DSC panel and what equipment I need to order. Any answers or links to useful information would be very appreciated.
Look at the 832 and do an inventory of what you have, then you should be able to figure out what Elk hardware you may need to have a 1:1 takeover, then build from there.
Read through the M1 installation manual a few times.

You could post a working shopping list here on the forum.

A good distributor will also help with the list.