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New project here...two ranch style and one two story...

Got the idea looking at a new home build a few months back.

I have ceiling fixtures circa early 2000's in all of the hallways here. They look like this:

House One has 6 of these in the 2nd story and main floor hallways. House two has 5 of these ugly looking ceiling fixtures made of glass and mirrors. Will take pictures of these fixtures.

Current using LED E46 bulbs in these fixtures and UPB switch connected.


All of the ceiling fixtures in this house including the fan/lights are mounted in to 3.5" octagon metal jboxes. House is wired with conduit.

House number two has different fixtures mounted in same style 3.5" octogon metal boxes except all 9 foot ceilings.

These fixtures are all glass and mirror with four candelabra LED bulbs - ugly.

The ceiling lamps were all mounted using brackets pictured on left to use the standard 4" mounting holes in all of the fixtures. I am changing all of them to the ones pictured on the right. The electrical contractor ran many wires through all of the ceiling boxes here such that I am pulling all of the wires out and redoing them replacing the old style wire nuts with Wago wire clamps to use less space up. Here is an example of one box which personally is a joke to me and very mickey mouse.


Here is a picture of my wago nut fix and new mounting plate and new lamps. 3 color switchable 3k, 4k and 5k. These lamps come with hardware to flush mount them and with spring clips to mount them on a can. IE: used same ones in Kitchen projects (two kitchens).

Most of the work relates to doing all of this on a ladder. The great room has 20 foot plus ceilings and will be the most difficult ones to change over.




I utilize the short 4mm screws to mount the lamp fixture on the circular plate. Works great. Purchased a couple of 12" almost flat fixtures and these came with a plastic circular mounting bracket to twist on the fixture and wago nuts.

Noticed in the two houses that the ceiling fans / brackets were mounted to the box with only one screw going to the box and a drywall screw holding the other side of the bracket. This past year replaced the mounts using the circular plates shown. I did this when going to the newer Tasmota fan light switches. Most difficult one was in the great room and the high ceiling that I could only reach standing on the top of a 16 foot ladder.
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One recommendation is to play safe while doing this by shutting off the breaker in the fuse panel for the circuit you are working on.

I didn't do this last week.

While switching over to using the Wago connectors caused a surge on two SA UPB switches which burned up. I could smell them burning up on the main floor of the house. Bad smell. The toggle overlay piece had scorch marks on it. Replaced the UPB switches using Upstart which worked out well and removed all wire nuts in switch box replacing them with Wago connectors.

Finished house number one and started working on house number two last week. One ceiling lamp at a time (9 foot ceilings make it a PITA).

All of the in wall switches are WiFi Tasmota firmware new style which have worked well for me.
Speaking of playing it safe, the geriatrician in my (medical school) department gives a lecture in which she says that no man over the age of 60 should ever climb higher than the 4 feet on a ladder. Having lost one patient and had another in the ICU for weeks who did not follow that advice, my advice is to please be careful!
Thank you and being careful @keepsersg. Wife is always bugging me about this.
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