Request: ELK Installation Pictures


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Along the lines of what was posted in this thread (thanks BSR)

I was wondering if others would be willing to post pictures of their ELK installs. I am more interested in the structured wiring layout at this point, but pictures of other install details are welcome.

I am getting ready to order, and am trying to figure out how to squeeze all of my components into the SWB(s) so that wiring is organized and the components are well layed out.

Right now I am looking at (not all may go in the central box(es):

3 Input Expanders
1 Output Expander (M1XOVR)
3 Serial Expanders (Uplink, Thermostat, Lighting)
1 Ethernet Interface
2 Data Bus Hubs
This is my "work in progress"

I probably should have used a pair of larger enclosures. The main Elk 28" cabinet is surface mounted to facilitate items that can't go in the wall, llike the wireless antenna.

I used standard Leviton 28" cabinets for the recessed cabinets.


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This is obviously a "work in progress", but you can see my approach.

I'm using a lot of items which are not designed for these cabinets, but I had them on hand. The basic M1 cabinet really can't hold much besides the controller itself. I bought Elk's 28" and put the zone expanders and security related items in a separate 28" Leviton cabinet. I used a second Leviton cabinet for CCTV, TV, telephone and network terminations. I intended to leave extra room for future gadgets.

All three cabinets are side by side and I ran 2 @ 1" pvc between the two flush mount cabinets. Then I ran a 1-1/2" between the surface mount M1 and the security tub, which is already pretty full already ;-( ( you can see it just to the lower right of the M1G controller)

I ran a pair of 1-1/2" pvc out the top of both flush mount cabinets into the attic.

There is NEVER enough 120v outlets or space for them in these cabinets. That's something you might consider during your planning.


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Wow! Thats a lot of enclosures. Looks great. I already have a futuresmart panel in place for all of my network/phone/video. I have an 8' stud bay next to it to work with for the Elk.

1.) Did you have to drill out the Leviton panels to fit any of the Elk stuff?
2.) Are the mounting plates you used the ELK ones?
3.) What is the module in picture above you zone expanders? Is that for power distribution?

Thanks for your input.
The 2 or 4 mounting holes in the M1 plastic housing will have to be drilled in the Leviton box unless you use one of the mounting plates like the OnQ plate. The 1" X 6", 1/4 inch hole grid works with all the ELK mounting plates in the Leviton box.
wuench said:
1.) Did you have to drill out the Leviton panels to fit any of the Elk stuff?

Yes - I drilled mounting holes for the Elk PCB's in the Leviton cabinets. Not a big deal, the screws are self tapping.

2.) Are the mounting plates you used the ELK ones?

All mounting plates and card guides are from Elk. The one exception would be a 3/4" stainless steel strap I made to mount the 4 channel modulator for the cctv cameras.

3.) What is the module in picture above you zone expanders? Is that for power distribution?

Yes, the terminal strips on the Elk mounting plate are for power for smoke zones and aux power.
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Here's mine in it's current state :)

I started ripping all my old stuff out over the weekend and strung a few things back in to at least keep the door locks and some basic lighting working. Will be spending time today (and hopefully some over the weekend) to get it all cleaned up and installed properly.

My M1's been in the garage since February for what has to be the longest bench testing session ever?

If you haven't seen it yet... Electon has some great photos of his new Elk installation that may provide some ideas:



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That does look good Electron. You might gain back some space by turning every other layer of cards upside down and then you only need cable management every other row. Can't wait to see it all wired up.

I ordered a few cards and an ELK 28" SWB just to play with layout. I got to say I am a little underimpressed with the quality of the ELK SWB. The sheet metal is pretty thin and the door screws didn't fit through the larger holes meant for hanging it. Which made it tough to mount all by myself. I also don't understand why they don't just mfg them to 16" width. Why not fill an enire stud bay?

But I think i'll be able to make it work. I am planning on two 28" SWB's, one for the M1G, Battery and a few accessories and one for all the cards. I was planning on doing the circuit board glide mount thing, but now you got me thinking Electron.

BTW, Where did you get you cable management? I am not the biggest fan of the Panduit style, I always end up with scraped up hands and issues with getting the covers back on, but these smaller ones may be the best solution in this case.
Sorry for the blurry image, it was taken from my cell phone.

Right Now:
I'm only in the workbench testing phase and have the following installed and working:
  • 1 motion detector
  • Data Bus Hub
  • Key Pad KP1
  • Insteon connection (testing only, switches don't work right so hoping for zwave)
  • Relay board for irrigation
  • Ethernet connection for pc
  • Connected to CQC and ElkRP software.
The Future:
  • If Insteon fixes their switches so they actually turn on when you press them, I will use it. Otherwise I will be looking into the ZWave module soon.
  • I'll be adding a Caddx wireless board for auxillary motion detectors. I do have some hardwired but will be adding more for lighting control.
  • At least one more keypad. Will have to do a wife exceptance test to determine which keypad to go with, KP1 or KP2.
  • Thermostat control
edit: added thermostat


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And mine!

This is one of two Elk SWB-28 cabinets housing my menagerie. Inventory in cabinet 2 includes an M1G, a caddax RF receiver (upper left), an M1XIN for zone expansion (upper right) 3 M1XSP's (for 2 thermostat types Aprilaire and RCS) and for a UPB PIM, an M1XEP a databus hub and an M1RB for 2 skylight and 2 overhead garage doors.

I originally had 3 M1 XSP's, an M1 XOVR and an M1 XEP all mounted in the lower half of my second SWB-28 cabinet on the flat using Elk plastic compression pins and there was no elbowing among'st each other. This week I needed to add a databus hub to make beta testing of some additional bus devices easier and decided to mount the XEP, XOVR and the only XSP that didn't require a "D" connector on their sides using Elk guides. I will probably experiment with mounting all of these guys in some sort of custom horizontal tilted cascading design that will allow me space for the RS-232 9 pin "D" connectors and still get the door shut. This is in flux right now so the lower wiring is not neat. I wonder of they make an SWB98??


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