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I just got the NX-8E with the 540E operator module, 416E wireless receiver, the 591E cellemetry module, (2)1448E keypads, wired motion sensors and wireless door sensors. I have downloaded and installed the DL900 program but do not have the CD or the serial cable. Is it possible to download an ISO image of that CD?

I have plenty of experience installing/wiring stuff in the home and with computers, but have never installed a security system.

I was wondering if there is a guide available that would get me started with wiring the stuff together and programming. I need a 2 partition system. Should I use the DL900 program - can it connect via modem to the 540E module or do I have to get the serial cable for direct connect - can I get the pin assignments and make a cable? Should I forget about the DL900 and set the system up another way?

any/all advise is welcome.

Many thanks,
Alan Bernier
hi Alan,

Welcome to CocoonTech! Check out this How-To:

There couldn't be a better How-To out there, since it discusses how to install your wiring/sensors, and the setup uses a CaddX alarm panel. On top of that, the author (BSR) 'hangs out' on this forum, so you can ask any questions you want :lol:

As for your other question about the DL900 software, check out this thread, it contains a link to the download:
It looks like I'm in the right place - thanks for the link to the excellent how-to.

Does anyone know the pin assignments on a PC's db-9 serial port and the corresponding assignments on the NX-8E's RS232 J11 jack. I want to build a simple direct-connect cable for use with the DL900 program.
That cable from Automatedoutlet will bring the "berg" pins on the NX8E board to a 9-Pin "D" Connector.

I don't know what the pinouts are for this adapter itself.

If you need to know the pinouts between "D" connectors (this adapter's 9-Pin D to your PC's 9-Pin D) it's pins 2 and 3 "crossed" and pin 5 straight through.

You can also use some 9-Pin to RJ-45 adapters so you can run this via an existing Cat5e link HERE.

There are many posts about the DL900 software in this forum also that you may want to browse through.

The only way I know to connect the DL900 software to the NX8E board is via this serial connection. The DL900 is a LOT easier than programming the Caddx NX8E via a keypad. Hopefully you have at least one LCD keypad because you do have to do some initial programming to turn on the serial port settings and set it up to communicate with the DL900 software.

I don't have ANY wireless stuff connected to my NX8E, so can't help you there. Don't forget about glass break sensors also (maybe even smoke detectors if you desire). Sentrol makes some good ones.

Curious, do you own Homeseer?


I guess the path of least resistance is to order the cable - wish I knew about it when I ordered the other stuff - now I wait some more.

I do have 2 1448E keypads - one for each partition - I guess I will get started with those.

I will add smokes and glass breaks after I get the door and motion sensors up.

I don't know anything about Homeseer.

Thanks for the replies.

whatupab said:
I guess the path of least resistance is to order the cable - wish I knew about it when I ordered the other stuff - now I wait some more.
Again I state (as I have in so many threads here), this Caddx NX8E stuff is not for the timid! ;)

So you have old (and I mean old) computer parts laying around where the serial ports and printer port where on a separate card? I have read where the jumper which brings out COM1 to a 9-Pin D (rear of the computer) is the same as the Caddx serial adapter (use at your own risk as I have not tried this myself).

I don't know why Caddx doesn't include this jumper in their NX8E fastpack kit! I agree it is very annoying getting your kit in, then finding out you need another nine dollar part to get it connected to your computer.