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I have buy a kodicom 8 channel card was working great I don't know if is a clone or no i have 4.100 software in that machine but i have a power serge and lost everyting, i have look for software kodicom v 4.11 or later to try but i don't find it and now i have my dvr of and can watch my house.
Is any body can help me and send me a copy of the software? please
thank you in advance for your coperation.


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It's copyrighted, so I don't feel comfortable distributing it. But, if you google on kodicom or diginet and pound through all the results, you'll run across it.


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Just for reference, after much pain... I do not think the drivers come on the copies of Site or Center (4.11 or 4.13) that I have downloaded (not sure about the original disk I got). I had to download the drivers from a Russian website.

I was able to get my system back up after obtaining these drivers. The driver file is called SDDrv.sys. You all can check and let me know if I am wrong. If I am not and anyone needs the drivers, let me know and I will put up that link.



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problem is that i don't have the software because i have that card use with the computer now that hard drive wen down i clean everything and ask for drivers i don't have it. i need the drivers and software 4.11