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I originally put speaker wiring in the walls that terminates with banana jacks as I had speakers on stands at the time. Behind the TV I put 5-way posts in to patch them from the wall to the reciever/multi-zone amp (for the wiring from other rooms).

This is the type of posts I used:

My 'problem': Most of my equipment for the living room is under the TV. I have an open air stand and the tv is fairly large (61") so it had plenty of room beneath it. Reciever, center speaker, amp, dvd player, cable box, audio tron, monster power, etc.

The problem is that I have a little one on the way and will eventually need to 'secure' the equipment. My first thought was to just move it to the basement and control it from there as I am already routing lots of video and IR. It also happens to be beneath that location so the distance is not far.

I'm guessing the easiest way is to connect speaker wire on the same side that the speaker wire is connected now. This would mean two sets of speaker wire coming in from the back, one to the wall jacks/speakers, and the other to reciever/amp. I would not expect any issue with this other than probably being a pain to connect at first.

Is there any other solutions that I might be missing? Banana plugs probably wont work considering the connection on the back side already (also would not be clean since it is inside a wall (although it is open now in the back). I was wondering if there might be some other connectors that I may not have come across.

Then again, the approach above might be the right way to go. I thought about trying to build a cabinet in the wall, but that is not ideal considering where everything is.

If anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears (or eyes in this case).


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