Reset problem zwave


how do you reset switches in Z-wave i have a homepro 153 and a Intermatic light switch. I need to reset them with my controls to properly build my network. In dire straights as i can't add either switch. By the way the switches are next to each other in a box with a regular light switch (yea 3 switches 2 of which z wave) I need to reset them and then add them back. Currently i can only add the 153 to the Intermatic remote i have, the intermatic doesn't seem to want to be on the intermatic or the usb i have. Please help
I have three of the Intermatic HA06 switches and can't say that I've ever had to reset them after doing a network rebuild.

I'm using an Intermatic MC though so that could make a difference.

Also, I can't seem to find a users manual for the Intermatic switches but could it be that they don't actually have a reset function?
It just seems odd to me that i could turn the switch on and off using the usb, after the reset i can't add anything using my usb

I've got a ZTH100 controller that I use as master for that purpose. It has a 'reset unit' function. I'm guessing you already tried the 'remove from network' function? That should reset the switch to its factory state.
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edit added:

Just in case you don't already know this...

Only the master controller can add/remove devices from the network. Normally you would add all of your units with the master remote and then copy the 'network' to any other controllers needed, they will be secondary controllers and cannot add/remove devices.

Also, the include/exclude function uses low power so that the remote needs to be within a few feet of the switch for it to work in the include/exclude mode. That is to prevent someone from hijacking your devices.

I had my usb device set up as the primary and it can add one switch but not the other. However my handheld h07 can add them both. I might have to let that be my primary, it is a shame because i wanted my pc to be the primary. What should the range be on adding devices. My usb connector is on the back of a pc around the courner from the device. The one i cannot add again is the ACT 153.
I think that's too far away. I was under the impression that to add/remove devices from the MC you had to be within a couple of feet at the most.
I think the advertised range is five feet in low power, which would vary a little I imagine. That is why a portable controller is handy for a master. I am planning to set up a laptop as a master and use the ThinkEssentials software to manage the network.

I like the battery remotes because I can set up my timers in them and not have to worry about my PC being on. My wife loves the little HA09 controller for lights and such. (shameless plug)

Thanks for the help guys,
The issue turned out to be proximity, i didn't realize that the devices had to be so close to add/remove them. I have made my handheld the primary and so far I am very content with my 2 switch automated bedroom. Wonder what i will automate next?