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Hi Guys,
I've had my Elk M1 system for about 10 years and have slowly expanded it over that time. I loved this system and it's been relatively trouble free over that entire time. Rock solid. I've learned a ton during configuration, programming and expansion over the years. Lot of money invested.
Sadly, two weeks ago following a false alarm from a failing recessed window contact switch, my panel is now indicating "Phone Fault". I've done all the requisite troubleshooting and it appears some component on the board has failed. (Keypad menu diagnostics 8-6-4 shows a LastOnHook voltage at 0.0volts). The panel keeps the phone line seized whenever the global setting for using the phone for local or remote control is selected. The remainder of the phone line and wiring is correct and working normally. I've attempted to do everything I know of and forum support to resolve this, but it looks definitely like a hardware failure of some sort. Elk will not answer my emails (not surprising since they say they do not support end-users.) 
Originally I purchased all of my Elk equipment and accessories from Automated Outlet in Lewisville, TX. They were a great local resource and were always willing to help on the technical side. Sadly, Automated Outlet ceased business operations sometime last year. That local resource is gone. Is there anyone on the forum in or near the Dallas / Fort Worth area that is aware of a local resource similar to Automated Outlet that sells and supports this product at a retail level? Or, will I be confined to purchasing future product online? Any guidance or help is most appreciated.
As a side note, I've been through the support pages on Elk's website. Several of the listings I have attempted to reach out to are no longer available or the contact information is just wrong. Unfortunately, Elk's website is not current. In fact, they still list Automated Outlet on the site which has been gone for almost a year or longer.
Finally, if I'm going online to purchase a new panel (board only), do any of you have a recommendation of who to look at - who is reputable and will stand behind my purchase and provide some level of support? 
Thanks all. I appreciate having this forum to interact with others.
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Smarthome, Home Controls and JMAC are reputable dealers.  But be prepared to pay full price.
There are some lower priced sellers that you'll find on eBay or Amazon such as Zbeem and Surveillent that don't appear to actually stock anything.  When you order from them, they place an order with Elk and then re-ship the item to you.  Many reviewers say they are unreliable suppliers.
It's probably worth giving Elk a call to see if they can repair your board.  Might be a less expensive option