retrofit thermostats for HAI


I'm planning my HA retrofit project and am leaning towards HAI Omni for the security/controller.

I'm kinda stuck selecting the termostats and would appreciate some advice.

The crucial problem is wiring. I have 5 wire thermostat with 24vac and fan/heat/cool.

I live in coastal North Califronia. No AC and won't need it for probably 20 years even with China's CO2 output. Heating is via **TWO** furnace units, one for upstairs and one for downstairs (4,500 sq ft house). The furnaces are single stage.

Mercifully the furnaces are close to the alarm system so I can run a wire between them when I install the Omni.

I currently have 2 basic programmable thermostats. I want to replace them with units that have control buttons so we can easily adjust temp and add HA control so they are automatically set back when we're away, and I can remotely turn on the heat when we're headed home.

I'm a hardware/software geek so I don't mind fiddling with wiring and adapting things, but pulling new wires and opening walls is to be avoided at all costs, for the sake of my marriage.

The HAI omnistat2 looks great, but getting the data signals up to the Omni looks tough.

The TR60 looks possible, but don't know if Omni supports it

TZ43, TZEM T043AB32 and WDTC-20 are all ZWave, but again don't know if Omni supports it.

Any suggestions? I need two thermostats, so cost does play a part in my decision, as does comms reliability and aesthetics, but not pulling wires trumps all.
HAI should be shipping a Zigbee based Omnistat2 called the RC-2000ZB shortly. The press release said 3rd quarter. Perhaps HAI can jump in here and give an update.
Quote I got from HAI today - "Q1 2010 at the earliest"

Thanks for checking. I definitely can't wait that long, plus I'm not sure I need all the complication of the OmniStat2. It seems more designed for use where you don't have an HA controller. I would be tempted to just put temperature sensors in place of the thermostats, and move the smarts to the controller. My hesitations (and hence reason for exploring a standalone thermostat but with HA control):

1. Possible problems with the HA controller where it goes loopy and runs the heat excessively.

2. Maybe I need to code hysterisis and rampup/overshoot functions, or whatever it is that HVAC guys call it.

3. Not having a simple dial on the wall that my wife can crank up when it's too cold.

So if these have been solved I could use just a temp sensor, otherwise it's back to my original question

Many thanks for the advice so far.

John m.
You can use the TZ43 (RCS), TZMT400 (Schlage/Trane) or th WDTC-20 (Wayne Dalton) with an HAI panel. The Fan/Hold buttons will not do anything, but Mode, Temp and Set Points will work. You need to have a Leviton serial PIM (RZP03/VRP03) and a Leviton handheld programmer (VRCPG) to set up the associations.
You need to have a Leviton serial PIM (RZP03/VRP03) and a Leviton handheld programmer (VRCPG) to set up the associations.
The need for a serial interface adapter is clear to me (surely you mean VRC0P-1LW? I Don't need lamp modules do I???)

I'm not familiar with ZWave programming in practice, though I'm familiar with X10 and networking concepts in general. I was hoping to avoid buying a VRCPG and to setup the associations perhaps via software running on a PC with the VRC0P-1LW plugged directly into it. Once setup I would transfer the VRC0P-1LW to the Omni. Is this actually impossible and I'm forced to buy the handheld programmer?

Although this is not directly related to my thermostat question, I do appreciate any advice.

John m.
A slightly cheaper option would be ThinkEssentials. I am not sure if STD can setup associations but I will find out and update this post.