Review HP iPAQ rx3715 - Pocket PC

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Some Tidbits:


This ‘media access’ screen also provides a route to one of the unexpected successes of the PDA world – infrared remote control. Hewlett Packard has taken its media streaming software from Nevo and has also chosen to put Nevo’s infrared remote control tool onto the ROM of the rx3715, thereby providing couch potatoes with control over TV, VCR, DVD player and whatever other infra red hardware they happen to have.

There are settings for a huge array of devices already built in, and the software can learn from your infrared handsets if what’s provided doesn’t suit. There is plenty of customisation on offer. For example you can set up configurations for different rooms in the house and for different users and have one-tap activities – think of these as macros for the control of several infrared devices at once.

There is a copious amount of help in the printed manual covering set up and use of all this multimedia, installing and using the PC applications, streaming and downloading to the iPAQ rx3715.

To round off the software range HP has included Dockware’s screensaver (which presents date information over an image), the PocketTV MPEG player, and the iTask application switcher that HP uses more often than not. This now includes a button to move to landscape mode (a feature allowed by Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition but rather poorly implemented by Microsoft in that it requires you to go to the Settings area to make the change.) There is also a backup utility which, oddly, doesn’t seem to want to send backup data across a wireless network to your PC.