[Review] Make: technology on your time by O'Reilly


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'Make' by O'Reilly
by electron
Website: http://www.MakeZine.com
Pages: 192
Price: US $14.99


Recently I learnt that O'Reilly was going to put out a quarterly magazine, aimed at the 'geeks' among us. Details were sketchy, and the idea of a quarterly magazine sounded like it was something I wouldn't really care for. So imagine my surprise when O'Reilly mailed me a copy of the premiere issue of "Make: technology on your time", without even asking for it. Since I just arrived home and dinner was ready, I only spent a few seconds browsing the index and some articles, but it did get my attention as there were some really interesting projects discussed in detail. One of the other things I noticed is that this magazine is more of a book than a typical magazine. The paper feels very thick, there are 192 pages, and the advertising isn't excessive at all. I wasn't sure if I should review this magazine for CocoonTech.com, as it isn't directly related to "Cocooning", but it does have some useful articles which will help Cocooners tackle some of their own projects.

O'Reilly describes Make, which is a hybrid magazine/book, as "The first magazine devoted to digital projects, hardware hacks, and D.I.Y. inspiration". So after dinner I finally took another look at the magazine (or mook as they call it in Japan), and before I even realized it, I spent over 40 minutes reading some of the articles. This issue covered some really interesting topics such as building your own kite camera rig (with very detailed instructions and illustrations), 5in1 cat5 ethernet/serial/modem cable, how to replace the battery in your iPaq, and much more. This magazine will appeal to everyone, from people who like toys to the true hardware hackers. The only other magazines which are 'similar' in quality/topics are Popular Science and Popular Mechanics.

While I could discuss some of the articles in there, why don't you go check out the magazine for yourself, you can preview it at http://makezine.com/01/ as it does a pretty nice job of showing what it is all about.

If you like tinkering and technology, I strongly recommend this subscription. Eventho the subscription rate is $34.95 per year, and there are only 4 issues per year, I still believe it is worth it considering how much it offers. The cover price is $14.95, so there is definitely some money to save by getting the subscription. You can order your subscription now at the MakeZine.com website, or order individual copies from places such as Amazon.com. The magazine will also be available at bookstores and newsstands in mid-March.