[Review] Review: A first look at mControl


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mControl is a client-server application, part of the mHome product line, designed to provide the user with a seamless integration to Microsoft Windows Media Center and home automation hardware. It supports the more popular X10 controllers (such as the CM11A and CM17A, plus the new CM15A) and can also be entirely configured and controlled using only your MCE remote.

mControl is developed by Embedded Automation, a company founded in 1998, which has been working hard on the mHome product line and similar hardware. While Embedded Automation is probably not a familiar name , this is something that could change in the near future, since the mHome product line will be bringing home automation to the masses.

As mentioned before, the mControl software has a client component and a server component. The client component that configures mControl can be either your MCE interface or your Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. These client options allow you to access the mControl interface on any TV or PC in your house.

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