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[Review] Review: Harmony SST-659 Remote


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With the prices of quality home entertainment equipment dropping, many people are now able to afford digital surround sound systems, High Definition TVs, progressive scan DVD players, TIVOs, and other audio/visual gadgets. In the midst of this big progression in home theater growth, a common complaint now is the ability to control all these gadgets and gizmos from one portable and convenient source. Many people are not familiar with habit of turning on several devices, selecting the different inputs and outputs just to watch a movie or even good old-fashioned television.
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Obvious improvements are needed! Some will argue that their cheap universal remote, which might have come with their TV set, is sufficient enough to control their TV and VCR. However, once a DVD player is added to the equation, and a cable set top box, they’ll soon realize that there is no Guidebutton on their remote, or no Multiple Anglebutton, or worst case scenario, the remote control doesn't even support the DVD player at all! I personally ran into this situation many times. I would find a nice universal remote, supporting up to 8 devices usually, but they are always missing the important buttons, or just don't work correctly. I have a drawer full of remotes, yet only a few are useful.

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