[Review] Review: Web Mountain Remote UPB Controller


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/archive/j/reviews/2010/10/IMG_6813.jpg/archive/j/site/logos/upb.jpgOne of my personal issues with UPB has been the lack of an Ethernet compatible programming interface. PCS recently released the NDS-1111-PW, a pretty impressive piece of hardware which allows you to do exactly this and more, and Web Mountain just released their own product, the Web Mountain Remote UPB Controller (RUC), allowing you to interface your UPB network via IP. Web Mountain was kind enough to send me a unit, which will go on sale (and ship) next week, October 22. Keep on reading for the rest of the review.
EXCLUSIVE: CocoonTech Members can buy this unit for $209.95 ($90 off MSRP) when using coupon RUC001. Offer expires 12/15/2010, dealers can request a discount as well!

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