Review: SmartHome ControLinc Maxi X-10 controller


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Check out this new gadget. SmartHome recently released the ControLinc Maxi X-10 controller, which allows you to control all your devices by the touch of a button, without having to move any sliders or codewheels. Check out the review to learn more about this device!


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I haven't tried my 4071 out yet, but I've considered making glow in the dark labels for it and some security remotes.

My inituial searches for glow in the dark paper resulted in stuf that was $300+, then I found stuff that was $75+ ( ), finally I found some more economical stuff: $20 for 20 sheets of 8.5x11 sticker paper (you can leave the backing on and use it like regular paper)

It appears that the higher-priced stuff lasts longer (I think up to 10 hours) whereas the lower priced stuff last around 90 minutes.

What might be better to do would be to print onto transparencies and then put the tranparency over some generic glow paper or film (the less expensive, no-printable kind). You should be able to find glow film at army surplus and outdoor stores, and transparency stock anywhere.
Gadget, you must not have seen my handwriting....

I use my PC and printer to label everything. All my stick-a-switches have PC labels, as do my security remotes.

In my experience, permanent marker shows up really well on glow paper (I had may name and such written on some military equipment that I'd have to identify as mine in the dark and it was very readable), so I'd assume that the same would ring true for something printed over paper as well, and the sample shots from the distributors makes it appear true as well.