RF receiver for the Visonic Powermax


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Hi All,
I have been testing the first version of the RFXCOM Receiver for the VISONIC Powermax by Rfxcom With the VISONIC RF Receiver it's possible to receive all the sensors of the Visonic Powermax. This is something which was on my wishlist for a long time . Supported sensors are:

MCT-302 Doorsensor
MCT-423 Smoke detectors
MCM-140 Remote Keypad
MCT-100 Universal transmitter
MCT-234 Wireless Keyfob
MCT-302 Doorsensor
MCT-501 Glass break detector
MCT-550 Flood Detector
Next K9-85 MCW Pir
MKP-150 LCD Panel

I have a lot of Visonic sensors in the Bwired house which status can be picked up now by as well the Visonic control panel as my own homeautomation system. So for example the PIR's in my house I can also use for switching on lights etc. The receiver is housed in a small USB box which can hold two receivers. So I added a X10 receiver as well. So with just one Small USB box I can receive X10 RF from all X10 wireless devices on 433.92MHZ or 310MHZ as well all the Visonic devices on 868, 315 or 433.92MHZ. The power for the receiver comes over the USB cable, so no extra power supply is needed.

I have tested Both devices (Visonic RF / X10 RF) on range an accuracy. I must say the Visonic receiver is receiving the signals from In and even around my house perfecty on a small wire antenne of 10cm. The X10 receiver comes with a little antenna. Also the X10 receiver is capable of receiving every X10 RF device in my house (believe me I have a lot ) This is something of what my current W800RF32 with antenna is not capable of! With the W800RF I frequently miss a status, specially the dark on or -off status from the MS13a which is only send once.
What is also nice for homeseer users is that the Visonic/X10 receiver is working perfectly along with the Homeseer plugin of the W800RF32!
Im not using Homeseer so I wrote my own driver for my Bwired Home Control system. From my 25 Visonic devices I have put a couple online
check Bwired Devices and sort on type then you find the Powermax devices. In a couple of weeks all the devices will come online.

Regards Pieter
Great stuff. Thanks for the Link! Are you saying that the Homeseer W800RF32 plugin will work with Visonic devices when you use the Rfxcom receiver?
You can use the Homeseer W800RF32 or the ACRF plugin and it's fully compatible! Check out the site from rfxcom in the section download you find the manual in which its stated as well. I also have seen it working under Homeseer. I dont use homeseer, have written my own Bwired home automation control system.
bwired said:
I dont use homeseer, have written my own Bwired home automation control system.
I know. I have looked at your site and many times wished you would decide to offer Bwired for sale to others! It is an amazing sytem you have put together!
My software is still in a very beta fase. I still have a lot to implement in my system and make it reliable. In due time I will make it available to others as well. I wish I had more time to finish it the way I want :)
thanks & regards,