RG11 for long Sat runs


Anyone have a good source for direct bury RG11? I need to put in 4 runs of 150-200' from the wiring room to the dish on the backyard pole. The installed that did the site survey recommended considering RG11 for better signal quality.

If you think RG11 is overkill, do you have a good source for direct bury RG6QS? Is the stuff Automated Outlet carries direct bury?


I really think that RG-11 may be overkill for that run. I had no issues with 150 feet and RG-6.
Not really, I used to do sat. installs for a company. We used RG11 for anything over 100' so we would maintain the signal strength. Its something the Hughes people recommended for the install.
I had the same concern that I may need RG-11 but I have 4 runs of Belden direct burial RG-6 (forgot the model#) from the Directv dishes 195' to a non-powered multiswitch in my equip. room. Then another 45' of Belden RG-6 (#7915) from multiswitch to the receivers. The key is to only use solid copper, not copper covered steel...
looking around on the net... rg 6 has about 8 db loss at 900 mhz, vs 4 db in the rg 11 (remember 3 db of loss means 1/2 the power)