RG6 Termination


Another question for you experts (and thanks for all of the other input).

As I work with my current electrical installer, I have quickly learned I am pushing the limits of his knowledge. Not to bad mouth him, just saying that he is not use to these types of requests / questions.

Well, I asked him to install RG6 QS solid copper through out the house. One of the things I read about this wire is tight bends are not good for it. When I asked him about what connectors he will be using he said the compression connectors since I have asked to put 2 RG6 and 2 CAT6 in each gang box. He said the compression will be better since all of these connections will be tight in the box and they will have to bend the RG6 90 degrees to make the turn up the wall out of the box. Should I be concerned?

Is there anything I can do to ensure best installation on this wire? I sure am doing a lot of research for this guy. I hope he uses it well :)

If you use deep electrical boxes 2.25"+ .5" mud ring it should be OK. I installed mine with deep electrical boxes, the RG6 quad shield cables using compression fittings didn't seem to have any problems or need to force on the coverplates. Yes its a tight fit, so the deeper the box, the more room you have to play with, and less of a forceful bend on the wire.

The Pod
Or maybe the faceplates that have the jacks sloped at 45 degrees? that makes the in wall and visible bends less tight.
Why not just skip the box and just use a mud ring? Have the cables free in the wall and pull thru mud ring to attach to plate.
All great suggestions: mud ring only, 45 degree jacks and 90 degree connectors. I will look to see which is the most visible and less costly. Thanks for the ideas!