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Here using the Ring alarm with sub for house #2. The house also utilizes Alexa devices and Tasmota WiFi wall switches and temperature / humidity sensors.

Just an informational post where automation is using the cloud and local control.

Base network infrastructure for house #2 is:

1 - Arris Surboard SB6190 Docis 3.0 Modem
2 - Qotom hardware PFSense box - with GPS/PPS time sync.
3 - TP-Link TL-SG108PE V3 8 port switch
4 - Ruckus Zoneflex WAP
5 - Ring Hub and Ring Doorbell - Ring hub has a back up cellular connection
6 - Amcrest PT Wireless / Ethernet POE cameras (2)
7 - Tasmota firmware WiFi switches (dim or relay) - for LED lighting inside and outside home
8 - Amazon 5" / 8" and Dots in house.
9 - Ooma VOIP - Panasonic DECT phones - POE powered
10 - Tripplite UPS for network / firewall / POE switch / Ooma / Panasonic phones

Remote access is via PFSense OpenVPN server is via Windows, Android and Linux clients.

The Ring alarm hub uses propietary ZWave and a ZWave repeater. I have the alarm hub hug on a wall via a POE connection to a POE switch.

Using HA TTS to all of the Alexa Media devices for status - "garage door open" et al.

Using Tasmota built in switch timers for some of the lighting schedules

Managing automation with Home Assistant / Homeseer mostly via MQTT.

HA Plugins- add ons utilized today are: IE: manage them locally or remotely from house #1.

1 - Ring-MQTT *

2 - Alexa Media Player *

3 - TasmoAdmin

Adding a Honeywell TH6320ZW2003 T6 Pro thermostat suggested by Ring for Ring hub connection and managed by Home Assistant this next week.
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I feel like it's time to revive the Showcase forums ;) The Ring-MQTT implementation is pretty cool.