ring light - non-HA related


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Hi guys! I guess this device could be HA related if you ever needed to use it for running wire through tight places or something. However, this device has been specifically asked for by my father in-law (auto body repair) for working in spaces where other lighting devices won't work.

Anyway, I thought some of you handy types might be able to give me some ideas of where/how to start making this thing for him. Basically, it needs to be like its name implies...a light on a ring. Now for the "ring" part I thought some piece of elastic fabric would be the way to go so that you can switch fingers. However, after that, I'm stumped. Would a watch/camera battery in combo with an LED in some kind of housing work? It needs to be fairly low profile with some way to turn it on and off. It doesn't need to be very bright, but I don't think that will be the limiting factor.

Any ideas you guys have would be much appreciated. I figured if you guys could show me how to build an IR blaster, this would be a piece of cake. :)
For the light itself, you can probably get away with an LED, a battery, and maybe a resistor (depends on the LED and battery).

I'd recommend buying a small keychain flashlight and rigging the ring part. If you look at something like the clear and black keychain flashlights from www.lighthound.com you will get a working flashlight in a nice enclosure, probably cheaper than buying the parts. I have a one or two of these that I've gotten for free from Lighthound - they include one in every order over $20. I don't carry them (I don't have a light on my keychain - usually one in my pocket or hanging on my belt) but they seem pretty good. There are many other variations of these small lights out there, but you really can't go wrong with these.

There are a lot of other very nice flashlights on that site if you need to pad your order out a bit :) .

A random result from a google search turned up these finger lights. I don't know anything about them or the company.