Roadmap Suggestions


Current Setup - many of which is now 10+ years old and has done a fabulous job over the past decade
  • HAI OmniPro with lots of hard wired zones and a few wireless (less than 5)
  • HAI OmniPro subpanel to cover another part of the house
  • A couple of HAI thermostats
  • a bunch of 5.7e screens (about 6)
  • Used to use Z-wave from the device but now handle that through Homeseer
  • iphones/mobile devices control the house through homeseer
  • many of the HAI motions used for events in homeseer
  • HAI outputs used for several items like Somfy blinds, Peizo buzzer, some relays for HVAC
We are in the process of building a new detached building and I was considering adding a sub-panel in that building but It doesn't appear that they can be purchased anymore?
Also - all of the other equipment is aging now - i've lost 2 of the screens over the past 18 months and I have bad flicking on a couple more.
Now that this line has been abandoned - what are people using as an upgrade path? above and beyond my immediate sub-panel problem I suspect I will have other issues over the next few years if I do not start a gradual upgrade or at least have a plan.
Would love to hear what others have done.  I do most things DIY and I have Homeseer, HomeAssistant and RedNode all in the mix (all dockerized on my NAS) but for the base controller (security and touchscreens) I generally want something that is rock solid.
Appreciate your thoughts.