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Rock64 new replacement microserver and K box:RockPi4


Over the years here one of my automation servers has been the Pine64 2Gb computer.  Initially running HS3 on it and it is doing well today.  It is about twice the size of an RPi.  The Pine64 computer is running Ubuntu 18.04 at this time and does well. It sits on the server rack today.
Over the years redid one of the Leviton media cans.  In it today is one 24 port managed switch, 8 port POE switch, Leviton patch panel for 24 ports, Leviton telephone patch panel, VOIP box and ISP Modem (s).  It is a bit crowded.  The OmniPro 2 (can 1 of 2) includes a micro openWRT router.  I want to upgrade the OpenWRT router to using the RockPi4 as a firewall and automation server.  And over time move the PFSense firewall (which is on the rack) over the Leviton Can.
I was planning on using the Rock64 4 Gb computer for this and have waited now 2 years for a design update to include an RTC battery.  None ever came.  Only promises that next hardware release would include said design change.
Found a new RPi sized box which is even better than the Rock64.  It is called the RockPi4 and it even does 4K / CEC video such that I can use it as a server and or K box.


My current newer smart television does include Roku and I did use it for Netflix / Amazon AOD. 
The above box is so small you do not see it and I can velcro it to the back of the LCD TV and use CEC with it.
I have though now disconnected it from the internet and prefer to use the K box for Netflix and Amazon AOD well now too for streaming live TV via the HD Homerun boxes.  It'll be one combo one size fits all box STB.  (IE: still have DTV here for WAF).


For the OP2 panel this computer will be running Ubuntu 18.X, firewall - router, Homeseer 3, Home Assistant, Node Red, OmniLinkBridge et al and will be fitted inside of the OP2 can or adjacent Leviton 42" can.  Will utilize the POE 4Gb version with an .M2 drive on it.  Today doing POE with the micro OpenWRT router (1" X 2").


I am assuming the reader knows what the K box stands for as when I used the name the other day the posts were banned here on the forum.


Currently tested Intel / AMD K boxes.
The Xi5A does 4K but not well.  Miniature marvel computer with a dual core AMD, 2Gb of RAM, mSATA drive and displayport video.
The PipoX7 triple boots to Windows 10, Android or Ubuntu - 2Gb - newer Atom quad core - eMMC drive.  
The K boxes today are Gb connected and prefer this over any type of wireless multimedia.  
The Aopen Digital engine / Pipo X7 looks nice on the AVR shelf.   
I prefer to run K in Ubuntu and do not want to use Android or Windows to run K.  
I do a little bit of storage on the K boxes but prefer to use my NAS for media storage.


This is the automation interaction today using the OmniPro2, Homeseer 3, Samsung Hub, Echo devices, Home Assistant, Homeseer touchscreens and Omnipro Touch screens using UPB, X10, Zigbee, ZWave and WiFi (MQTT).

Connected one Dot to the zoned audio and mixing it with 4 instances of SAPI voices.

SAPI + Alexa ==> TTS to zoned audio (Russound).


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I just came across those RockPi64's - I think I'll be picking one up... I just ordered a 55" TV to hang in a common area to serve as a digital picture frame and family calendar and I'd like it to run in full 4K.  Any gotchas with it?


Dunno yet. 

I've done an office meeting / news kiosk using an RPi2 to 42" LCD before.
The LCD 42" screen was mounted vertically at the entrance of some offices which posted events of the day et al.
Worked perfectly for the office.

Not sure how well the RockChip GPU will do 4K. Reading about it seeing it working fine but the proof will be in the pudding.

Testing here will be turning one in to a combo mini server inside of the Leviton OP2 can that will be:
Base will be 4Gb / eMMC Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit OS (LUbuntu or XUbuntu) for:

1 - mini Linux router
2 - HS3 running the OmniPlugin
3 - HA running in Docker
4 - Node Red running in Docker
5 - OmniLinkBridge running in Docker

This is to replace my Pine64 2Gb HS3 Lite server running Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit today.

Second device will be just a K dedicated box running Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit. I never really liked K running on the RPi after testing it. It was OK. I do not run K on Windows or Android.

Current crop of K boxes are Intel based AOpen digital engines which have worked fine now for a few years.
They do not do 4K video. Just recently tested the Xi5A cube computer with a displayport output and a dual AMD CPU and these do 4K but utilize 100% of the CPU.

I use the K boxes today as STBs for HDHomerun, AOD, NetFlix, internal network NAS stored stuff and streaming from a variety of sources. This takes me to one size fits all STB for the LCD TVs. Roku works OK but prefer my K boxes over Roku and have disabled the built Roku stuff.

That and I am not looking to spend over $200 per STB device at this time when I can do this for less than $100 per device.