Rosslare Keypad Wiring


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I'm interested in using an outdoor keypad attached to my Elk M1G for automation functions such as opening/closing the garage door. I'm looking at the Rosslare keypads that AO carries.

Does anyone have a wirng diagram for this? I'm using the new KP2 which seems to only want 2 wires, but the Rosslare KPs are 6(?) wire. The walls are still open in the house, but will be closing soon, so I'd like to take care of the wiring part ASAP.

Which keypad would you recommend for outdoors? I think I'd like a flush mount keypad since it's mounting on the wood frame around the garage door.

I've used Rosslare and easy to install and program

Wiring diagram: Most of Rosslare readers are wired the same. If you need a particular model installation manual then PM me then I'll send it to you.

Six wire = Ground, 12VDC, Data 1, Data 0. The remaing two wires are not used unless you want to

Tie it to KP2: you need to get the Elk Cable W039A to work with the reader. This cable has two leads (one for Data 1 and one for Data 0), you then tap the 12VDC and ground to the keypad cable.

I've used AY-F54. The keypad can be "flushed mount", it will stick out by about 1/2 inch.