Router config for Weblink

ivoimg said:
Do I have to configure the router?

I am not an expert on the router that you have so I can't give step by step instructions but I can give you a clue about why you can't get through...

When a request from the Internet hits your router (with the static IP from your ISP) the router needs to know where to forward this request. On linksys routers this is called port forwarding other routers might call it NAT. This might look something like a list of port #'s and corresponding IP addresses. Figure out port numbers and the IP of your PC on your local network to configure this in the router. DMZ might also be a place where you can allow outside traffic to get on your network.

If you get this setup and it is still not working it is possible that a software firewall somewhere is preventing the packets from getting to your PC's applications. There are many different hardware and software firewalls out there so it is tough to give precise directions, but make sure that your firewall is allowing your machine to act as a server and verify that the firewall is not preventing an application from receiving requests from the net.

Hope this helps...

I wouldn't recommend using the DMZ IP for anything more than testing. It completely exposes your internal PC to the internet.

Your router link is broken..