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Router Problems.....


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The laptop did....at one time.

I setup the IP on the devices themselves last night but one of my PCs kept on losing the conncetion. It would come back up on its own so don't know what is going on. There is no way (question) to configure the IP on the black box that I got from my VOIP service or is there a way to change configure that. I have the service from Packet8.net

I have a 4 port 100m router and then it is connected to a gigabit swith in another part of the house which feeds to most of the PCs.

Except for one all PCs donot have the Gigabit cards. It is one of the PCs that that is not Gigabit that is causing the issue. There are no IP conflicts anymore as all the devices connected to the router including through the switches show unique IP addresses and all the devices are accounted for.

What could be causing this?



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A 100m router? What brand/model is that?

Bad cable, bad router, bad NIC, bandwidth hog somewhere, auto-detect on Ethernet ports toggling, a switching loop, and the list goes on. Troubleshooting 101 - eliminate items one at a time till you eliminate the problem, or start with only one item and add till you see the problem.

Questions to ask yourself:

Does the VoIP box work with the router, no PCs?

Is the gigabit switch a 10/100/1000 (ie. does it auto-detect port speeds other than gigabit), and is it toggling with an auto-detect NIC in a PC? Does it support full duplex or half duplex? Set the PC cards to one speed, whatever duplex works (half duplex is less taxing).